Which are the cheapest airlines of them all?

The 2018 Global Flight Price Ranking, produced by travel planning website Rome2rio, considered economy class airfares from January and February of this year to determine the average cost per kilometer for flights on airlines around the world. The results showed the 50 cheapest airlines overall, the cheapest airlines for international and domestic routes, and the countries where flying is cheapest by distance.


Across the board, Tigerair Australia was the world’s cheapest at only $0.06 per kilometer, followed by AirAsia X ($0.07), Indonesia AirAsia ($0.08), Jetstar ($0.09), and Etihad ($0.10) rounding out the top five. Citilink Indoensia, WOW Air, Oman Air, Lion Mentari Airline and Ryanair also came in with a cost of $0.10 per kilometer. No U.S. airlines were in the cheapest 50 airlines, which all came in at $0.14 or less.

When it came to international travel, the study found that Asian airlines had the lowest cost flights. The cheapest was AirAsiaX, followed by Air India Express, Indonesia AirAsia, Primera Air, and IndiGo Airlines. Some of the next-lowest price airlines in the international category included major airlines like Etihad, Qantas, and budget carriers like WOW Air and Ryanair.


In domestic travel (meaning domestic flights for that airline, depending on where it is based), the cheapest airlines by kilometer were Tigerair Australia, Jetstar, Indonesia AirAsia, JetSMART, and Indonesia AirAsia Extra.

The countries with the cheapest average prices by distance, according to the study, were Chile, Indonesia, Turkey, India, Bulgaria, Thailand, and South Africa.






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