5 Holiday Sites In Nigeria You Didn’t Know

Whenever you think of having a getaway or planning a trip to a holiday site, you probably will think of travelling out of the country – where you will spend much more. But Nigeria is indeed blessed with picture and fun friendly ‘sights and sounds’.

While some of them are well advertised that they are always in our faces, there are some that are hidden and have not received the level of activity they should.

These resorts and ranches offer the same comfort and privacy that most seek when they travel abroad for holidays.

Let’s take you through some of them:

Abraka Turf and Country Club

Abraka Turf and Country Club /PHOTO – abrakaturf

This is a private country club that has been created to function at the highest levels of luxury and guest satisfaction. Located in the exotic region of Nigeria’s Delta, Abraka Turf and Country Club has taken on a leading role in the nation’s leisure and catering industry and prides itself on its ability to deliver exquisite services.

The resort includes perfect villas, chalets, and caters to high-end clientele that includes families, vacation seekers, campers, as well as corporate groups. Abraka Turf and Country Club comes fully equipped with state of the art facilities and the outdoor activities include golf, tennis, canoeing, kayaking, polo, horseback riding, fishing and deep river diving.

Farin Ruwa Falls (White Water)

Farin Ruwa Falls /PHOTO – Wiki

Farin Ruwa Falls is a waterfall found Nasarawa. It is among the highest waterfalls in Nigeria. It is significant among Africa’s falls when the total height covered by the waterfall is considered.

The source of Farin Ruwa falls is found on the Nasarawa State, from whence it gushes down over the edge of the Nasarawa. During its descent from the Jos Plateau, the water drops a total height of about 150 metres (492 ft). This drop is higher compared to the more popular Victoria Falls, which drops a height of around 108 metres (354 ft) during its descent.

Kamp Ikare Beach Resort

Kamp Ikare Beach Resort /PHOTO – goto

KAMP Ikare is a retreat facility in Lagos. It is privately owned by Anuradha Mahbubani, interior designer and entrepreneur. The Retreat is situated in a coastal village called Ikare, approximately 45 minutes by speed boat from Lagos mainland.

This spot is a perfect getaway for couples, friends and even corporate executives. It’s private, accessible only by boat, and it’s definitely a fun place to relax away from the hustle and bustle of Lagos life. The resort has a main communal beach house with 6 duplex cabins positioned around a swimming pool and just metres from the sea.

Zenababs Half Moon Resort

Zenababs Half Moon Resort /PHOTO – Zenabab

Zenababs half moon resort is located in the heart of Ijesa land, Osun State. Surrounded by natural beauty, nearby hills, with over 25 acres of lush grounds, providing a luxurious and tranquil environment in which to celebrate specials occasions.

Facilities currently available include, among others, WIFI; extensive grounds with tents available for hire with capacity for over 5000 guests; 2 large halls with capacity for over 1000 guests; 30 fully furnished chalets (2 rooms per chalet); games lounge; table tennis, billiards and an array of board games; health and fitness club; a well equipped gymnasium and 2 glass-back squash courts with viewing galleries; wildlife park with exotic birds and other species; a boating lake; a children’s playing ground.

Oguta Lake Holiday Complex

Oguta Lake /PHOTO – Google Plus

Oguta Lake is Imo State’s largest natural lake. Surrounded by a thick forest of oil palm plantations, Oguta Lake retains a prime spot in tourism destinations in the state.

A spectacular spot on this lake is the confluence of the Blue water and the Muddy Urashi River. This is a point where two distinct colours of water “meet”. This spot is far from shore, so tourists need to board a speedboat for a 15-minute ride into the creeks to experience this wonder of creation. As you approach this magical spot on the lake, the water splits into two distinct brown and blue colours as they flow side by side without mixing. The beauty of it is that they are not separated by either natural or man-made barriers.

The surrounding people of Oguta, Orsu, Nkwesi and Awo take pride in this lake and draw their water and protein sources from it, so tourists will see lots of canoes and boats on the lakes conveying farmers to and fro. The Oguta Lake Motel and Golf resort, a 3-star hotel, is located within the vicinity for tourists who’ll like to lodge within the area during their visit.

Source: https://guardian.ng/life/5-holiday-sites-in-nigeria-you-didnt-know/

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