5 Romantic Getaways In Africa

We always regard Europe as the perfect destination for a romantic city break. Once a romantic getaway comes to mind, the first place we think about are Paris-the city of eternal love, or Prague, or even Venice where everyone becomes a passionate lover, but there are romantic places you should think of right in Africa.

Discover Mother Africa romantically. Celebrate Valentine’s Day, a wedding anniversary, a birthday present, a honeymoon trip, a wedding or a romantic getaway with your beloved right in Africa.

Namib Desert, Namibia

Think romance, think Namibia. In the desert oasis. just two of you, in a hot air balloon, seeing one of the oldest deserts in the world from above. The Namib Desert offers a romantic African honeymoon in the perfect picture scenery. Namibia is a haven in which to cement those special romantic occasions. Be it a honeymoon, a special anniversary or birthday, or just for romantic indulgence.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Those lovers with an adventurous streak may like something thrilling with some adrenaline pumping. The bridge that links Zambia to Zimbabwe is a perfect place to bungee jump or even board a thrilling helicopter ride to take in the grandeur of one of Africa’s most magnificent falls from the air. Afterwards, take an afternoon iced tea together at the distinguished Victoria Falls Hotel which has a view onto the falls itself and is one of the oldest hotels in Africa. Also around Victoria Falls is a contemporary safari lodge with river-facing suites to spot hippos, crocodiles and buffalo in the Zambezi River. Talk about an adventure romantic trip, Zimbabwe is your best bet.

Obudu, Nigeria

Magic! That’s the word for Obudu. No amount of planning can prepare you for its scenic beauty. A perfect romantic getaway in Obudu will be around activities like hiking, riding on the cable, horse riding etc. Imagine waking up at dawn, and from the balcony of your traditional African styled huts or chalets, you both watch the sun cuts through the holy mountains and turns golden-a picturesque scene for that perfect kiss.

Capetown, South Africa

Escape with your love to Capetown! Combine two very different, but quintessentially beautiful experiences on a romantic trip: cage diving and wine tasting. Are you brave enough? Then a descend into the shark’s natural habitat in a steel cage to see a great white shark in action off the boat near Dyer Island is forever a memorable trip. Then shower up and move on to a lunch and wine tasting experience in Bot River.

Zanzibar Island

Paradise right in Africa! Along the coastlines, walking with your lover as you pick corals, admire the pristine, crystal clear waters, swaying palm trees- Zanzibar is the dream for honeymooners and a romantic escape to nature.

source: https://guardian.ng/life/romantic-getaways-in-africa/

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