7 Best Places To Explore While In Morocco

Morocco is a captivating country full of colour, history and culture. It is one destination that provides unique experiences in each city.

From camel trekking to beach holidays, Morocco has a variety of authentic experiences to offer. To explore most places in Morocco, it will take you about two weeks or better still immerse yourself in one city and then visit again.

Here are some of the best places to explore while in Morocco:

Stay in a Riad

A Riad is a traditional Moroccan house made up of a courtyard, a few rooms, tiled walls, tiled floors and a garden. Staying here will give you an intimate, personalised, relaxing and authentic experience.

The services of Riads are similar to boutique hotels. There are so many Riad options that will suit your budget and they are usually not far away from tourist sites. They also offer mouthwatering cuisines if you are a food lover. Riad BE Marrakech is a charming Riad that is located in the old historical medina.

Experience a Moroccan Hammam

Visiting Hammams should definitely be on your list of things to do. It involves a steam bath, cleansing and a body massage with Argan Oil. This is an integral part of the Moroccan tradition and they do this regularly. You have the option of visiting a public or private Hammam

Explore Marrakech

This is one of the most popular cities in Morocco and it is known for its souks, markets, breathtaking mosques and riads. The famous Jemaa el- Fnaa, Marrakech’s main square, is located here which is filled with snake charmers, tourists and dancers.

The Koutoubia mosque is the largest Mosque in Morocco and buildings in Spain have been influenced by its architecture. If you want to get away from the noise and take nice pictures, visit Jardin Majorelle: a stunning botanical garden, villa and museum which is a popular site most people go to for photo ops with a blue background.

Koutoubia Mosque | Photo: Monticello

The gardens were designed by French painter Jacques Majorelle. Feed your eyes with a collection of Moroccan Architecture at the Bahia Palace. The souks are filled with vibrant colours of spices, leather works, traditional woven carpets and pottery. Ensure you haggle your way in a friendly manner or better still explore with a local.

Camel Trekking in the Sahara Desert

This experience is usually provided by a tour company. Camel trekking is a great cultural experience and a lot of fun. Learn more about the Berber culture by visiting their homes, ATV rides, ride camels deep into the desert, camp at the desert, dance by the fire and watch the stars. This will definitely be an unforgettable trip.

Camel trekking | Photo: desertmoroccoadventure

Discover the Blue City of Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen is a magical city on the mountains in the Northern part of Morocco. Compared to other cities, it does not have a dusty look because all the buildings and doors are blue. Stepping into Chefchaouen will make you feel like you are in a Disney movie.

It is one of the top places in Morocco for shooting music videos. Wander through the allies, eat at local restaurants, visit the Kasbah Museum and dungeon, shop at the souks and remember to take a camera to capture everything.

Visit the Tanneries in Fez

Fez is an imperial city in Morocco and holds a lot of history. The tanneries in Fez are exactly the way they were many years ago and still operate by hand. There are 3 main tanneries in Fez. Chouara Tannery is the oldest tannery in the world and it is located in Fez.

The making of leather is very educative and fascinating to watch. The best time of the day to visit is in the morning. You can also buy leather goods likes slippers and bags produced here at the tannery from the galleries and shops

The Fairytale City of Essaouira

The town of Essaouira is absolutely gorgeous. It is located on the Atlantic Coast and it is an ideal place to cool off and relax after camel treks and hikes.

Essaouira Boats | Photo: lonelyplanet

There are a variety of activities to engage in like surfing, fishing, learning how to make Argan Oil at a cooperative, attending a cooking class, getting lost in the medina and relaxing at the beach.

Source: https://guardian.ng/life/7-best-places-to-explore-while-in-morocco/

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