Widgets developed for hotels, also known as plugins, are a quick and easy way to acquire extra features on any hotel website. They are able to turn an ordinary website into a source of relevant and priceless information, providing many features aimed to improve user experience and trip decision-making.

Some widgets for hotels…

1. Booking System PRO – Booking Hotels
Booking System PRO, a customizable widget, is a quick and inexpensive tool for small independent hotels and guesthouses, restaurants, car rental companies and any other small business needed of an online booking offering. It is great for enabling reservations for days and even for hours. It also displays promotions, showing some months in advance to improve user experience, etc.

Booking widgets improve user experience by allowing the user to stay on the hotel website to proceed to the reservation, avoiding website redirection.

2. Smartvel Trip Planner widget – useful and updated information about what to do at destination
Beyond displaying the hotel’s location on a map, Smartvel’s widget provides interesting content that highlights the value of the area. The widget also makes it possible to easily build an interactive trip planner on the hotel’s website in order to inform the guests of everything they can do at the destination on specific dates.

Among all the plans and activities gathered (and constantly updated) in the platform the guest will find: concerts, sport events, conferences, festivals, cultural agendas, exhibitions, parties, monuments and points of interest, restaurants and so on. But the functionalities of this innovative system do not end here. The widget includes a CMS that admits the upload of hotel’s own content, allowing the customization of the information provided as well.

This widget allows you to build an interactive journey planner which includes everything that can be done at the destination on certain dates.

3. TripAdvisor Widgets
TripAdvisor offers some free widgets for hotels that embed their content on other websites. These widgets are specially focused on hotels, restaurants and similar places. There are different TripAdvisor widgets, all of them are easy to embed on a hotel website.

TripAdvisor Badge Evaluation: Recommended, Excellence and Rated based on travelers reviews and opinions. Widget information will be updated in a daily basis in order to display any variations on scoring or reviews.
Award Badges: If you have been awarded with either the Certificate of Excellence or Travelers’ Choice Award, this widget will allow you to share your award on your own website.
4. Typeform – surveying online
Typeform is an online platform to interact with users thanks to releasing surveys, contact forms, questionnaires, invitations, test, quizzes, contests, landing pages, among many other features… and without thinking about coding! It also offers many possibilities of link-embedding that is really useful for sharing: email, social network…

5. Smartupp – Online chat
Before buying a product or hiring a service, doubts and questions may arise, influencing the purchase decision making process. Therefore, this free widget can be very useful to communicate with any business contact in order to get solved any customer inqueries in real time. In the end, the goal is to improve customer service.

6. AccuWeather – Online weather
The AccuWeather widget is designed to provide a great user experience on updated weather information, with a great responsive solution for any device. There are many weather widgets available but AccuWeather is highly ranked.

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