Bole Festival: The Biggest Food Festival From The Heart Of The South

The Bole Festival is currently the biggest food festival in the south attracting 8000+ lovers of food from all over Nigeria and the world for a one day event aimed at celebrating the rich heritage of the Niger Delta through food with emphasis on the various creative ways people prepare Bole(roasted plantain)and roasted fish which happens to be the most popular street food in the area.   Bole which is a street food in Nigeria made from plantain is usually served in different ways depending on which part of Nigeria you find yourself. In places like Port Harcourt & Bayelsa and most cities in the south, it is often served with pepper sauce, roasted fish, with yam or potato by the side, while in Akwa Ibom you can have it served with roasted chicken and a special sauce. There are usually a variety of food exhibitors showcasing and selling diverse display of Bole (plantain) and fish. And the festival is usually marked by side attractions such as music performances, comedy, food competitions, indoors and outdoor games with prices to be won and fun and game activities for kids. Beyond the food exhibition the festival has a strong urban appeal that attracts adults of all ages, small and medium sizes businesses and sponsors from all industries, all coming together to celebrate local and small food (bole) sellers. Since the inception of the first edition of the Bole Festival in 2016, the organisers of the festival has offered free vendor space as a means to give back and empower local street food sellers, there by giving them an opportunity to show case their creativity with the Bole , gain clients and  increase monthly sales by over 200% on the day of the festival. The festival now offers over 200 stall spaces for small and medium size businesses to display and sell their goods on the day of the event. The annual event which started in 2016 with only 300 people in attendance and 2 Bole local street food sellers, soon word had spread and by 2017 the attendance grew to 2,000 attendees and 35 vendors. By 2018 word has spread across Nigeria establishing Bole Festival as the biggest festival from the south with over 8,000 people in attendance 80 vendors and they even gained sponsorship from big brands. The Bole festival has also encouraged and built a strong and interactive online community for food lovers. This year’s Bole festival themed; Our taste, Our Culture is slated to hold on the 3rd of August in Port-Harcourt and is expected to be even bigger and better. For more information visit or @bolefestival on social media


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