We have all at some point in life want to take a look down at the world and see how things are. And while there is plenty of tech today that can make it happen, nothing compares to a little bit of breeze in the hair and sun in the eyes.

Today, we are going to take a look at some of the top Indian destinations where you can make that happen. Once you are there, it will be a different experience in life – one that you definitely should not miss.

Excited already? Let’s take a look at what these destinations are that can help you with the Bird’s eye view:

1. Paragliding in Bir Billing

If you are a paragliding enthusiast, then getting to Bir Billing is definitely on your checklist. This town in Himachal Pradesh is perched at an elevation of around 2600m and that is one of the reasons it gives you a vista of magnificent sceneries all around.

You will be assisted by an expert and a ride generally involves close to 30 minutes of flying in the hills. Getting a taste of this might spoil your expectations for any other trip in the future, but there is no way you should miss it!

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2. Hot Air Balloon in Jaipur

Being on a hot air balloon is a completely different experience, especially if it is over a pink and palatial city like Jaipur. The breathtaking view, the lights underneath, and the hills and forts around is something that will etch itself deeply in your mind.

Also, if you are lucky, you might get to fly over a lake and that feeling is just breathtaking!

3. Accelerated Freefalling at Deesa

Imagine the thrill inside you when you take a leap of faith from 13000 feet and dive towards the ground at accelerated speed. Sounds crazy right? Well, it is definitely not for the faint-hearted and that is why you need to have ultimate conviction before you can try.

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Also, this is probably the costliest and most authentic sky experience you will ever have – so try and get some discounts through a travel agency

And if you think you cannot pull off the 10 days training before the jump, then you can always take tandem jump with a trained professional!

These are the 3 places in India where you can experience all the fun that the birds keep having from so high up! Once you go through with it, you will never come back with the same frame of mind!

So, why wait?

Pack your bags now and get ready to fly!

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