Coronavirus: Should You Panic As An Avid Traveller?

In 1665, when the bubonic plague hit the whole of Europe which originated from China, there was panic everywhere. The rich ran away, including King Charles II of England, his family and his court, who left to Oxford in September when it became severe in London.

Around this time, lots of schools closed, among such is Cambridge University. Cambridge sent students home to continue their studies from home. Isaac Newton, then a student of the same university went back to his nearby hometown in Woolsthorpe Manor, the family estate about 60 miles northwest of Cambridge, England.

The time he spent staying home was later referred to as his Annus Mirabilis, the “year of wonders.” Whilst musing in a garden, some thought came to him on the work he had been working for a long time before. The story was that the theories of gravity and motion became clear to him after an apple fell on his head. Though this story might be largely apocryphal, the fact is Newton’s self-isolation gave all the inspiration to a huge scientific discovery.

Coronavirus has become a wave around everywhere; the entire travelling and tourism industry has been brought to stand still, events postponed, travels plans cancelled, borders shut. This is an unexpected nightmare for the tourism industry. Tourism and Hospitality are said to be one of the oldest businesses on Earth. It is also the largest and was more targeted in this pandemic. Major international airports around the world shut down, and Nigeria isn’t left out. The Nigerian aviation sector is predicted to lose around N160 billion and about 22,000 jobs.

Popular tourist places and destinations such as the Taj Mahal in India, St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican, Venice in Italy were far from full and not crowded as it would have been typically. Most tourism and travel company are very worried and losing a lot.

So should you panic as a traveller?
Not at all. At this point when a lot of things are not predictable, this is the right time to become more indoor and set your future outdoor plans. At this critical time, your travels should be on hold but that shouldn’t mean you forget everything about travelling. As outdoor lovers this might be difficult at first to adjust to, something in us still wants to pack a bag and head somewhere. But we can make this happen and just like Newton this non-travel period might be your ‘annus mirabilis.’

So what should you do in this Corona times?
Get into the Nostalgic mood
Memories are beautiful! The best way to keep memories is through pictures and videos. In this Corona time, this a beautiful opportunity to flip through the old pictures, reminisce about the very good times. Treasure and value the old outdoor times. It’s also a good opportunity to edit and share those old pictures you’ve never had time to share. By posting your top ‘pre-corona’ travel photos, you could even start up a “Travel photo challenge” on social media.

Make a new travel list
Grab your notebook and pen down the places you would like to visit once things are back to normal. Use the time to make a detailed itinerary and put out a budget.

Book for long term Flight cheaper:
With the travelling industry in crises, flights are cheaper and might be a good opportunity to book for flight at a distant time, say towards the end of the year. One thing is sure, Corona would be defeated soon and like other past diseases will be a thing of the past. Things will eventually return to normal.

Read books and guides on Travel
This might also be a good time to read those old books you’ve bought during your past travels, dusting them up and reading them for inspiration. Keep away from books that would keep you in anxiety; books about flooding, pestilence, diseases and even wars. Read about beautiful adventures and travel places. And don’t spend all your day watching the news, this can put you into more panic.

Listen to a podcast on Travel and Nature
Listen to podcasts about things that are of interest to you, among which is travelling. Immerse yourself in stories and narration of your favourite travellers and get tips about places you intend visiting. If you’re a fan of nature, you could also get into the sounds of the forests and coastlines to help improve your focus and concentration, this a very good remedy for anxiety and depression. Most of these sounds are readily available for download online.

Stay safe! Stay away from crowded places!


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