Discover Ivory Coast: 5 Interesting Things To Do When You Visit

Ivory Coast also known as Cote d’Ivoire is located in West Africa and it is one of the top French-speaking countries in the world.

It has two capitals Yamoussoukro which is the political capital and Abidjan the economic capital. Ivory Coast is also known as the largest exporter of Cocoa. If you are looking for a new destination to explore then Cote d’Ivoire is the place to visit.

You will have both a city break and beach holiday in one. There are so many cities and towns to visit from Abidjan to San Pedro.

Here are top things to do while in Ivory Coast:

Where to stay and when to visit

There are a variety of gorgeous hotels to stay when in Abidjan which most people make their base when visiting Ivory Coast.  Azalai Hotel is ideal for individuals and families.  It has a swimming pool, gym, restaurant and bar. The staff at the hotel are also willing to help out with information needed on getting around the city. Ivory Coast is tropical but the best time to visit is from November to April.

Explore Abidjan

Abidjan is popular for its culture, food and nightlife. Visit major attractions like St Paul’s Cathedral, the Banco National Park, Civilization Museum of Cote d’ Ivoire, Attecoube Maria Sanctuary. Take a historical city tour and a visit to the National Zoo of Abidjan which is always a good idea. An opportunity to learn about animals and take pictures.

St Paul’s Cathedral. | Photo Road to 197

Day Trip to Basilica of Our Lady of Peace

This church is located in Yamoussoukro and is the largest Catholic building in the world. It is modelled after St Basilica in Rome and can accommodate about 18,000 people. The Basilica has marbled floors and the interior is filled with stained glass windows. To get the full experience you can visit on Sundays and attained a service. When in Yamoussoukro, a visit to the crocodile pool should be added to your itinerary

Basilica of Our Lady of Peace | Photo:

Spend a night at Tai National Park

This is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the last primary rainforest in West Africa. You can jungle walk the safari and meet several species of monkeys especially the Chimpanzees. This is one major attraction the national park offers. After a long day of hiking, you and your group can lodge at the Ecotel Touraco for the night.

Tai National | Photo:

Explore Man

Hike the sacred forest of Mount Tonkpi and chase waterfalls at La Cascade. La Cascade is a beautiful waterfall surrounded by Bamboo trees and it is not too far away from the city of Man. The city of 18 Hills is home to dragonflies and butterflies. Most locals visit here for a swim except dry seasons.

Lacascade | Photo: freewheely

Discover the historic town of Grand Bassam

Grand Bassam is a historic town and was formerly the French Colonial Capital of Cote d’Ivoire. Spend the day exploring the old colonial buildings and galleries. Visit the National Clothes Museum and the Liberty Statue to learn about the history of Cote d Ivoire. End your day relaxing on the beach.

Relax in Assinie- Mafia and San Pedro

Visit the coastal city of Assinie for a beach holiday. Assinie lies along the Atlantic Ocean and Lagoon which makes it easy to engage in water activities like Jet skiing. It is surrounded by Coconut trees and golden sand beaches.

Hotel Coucoue Lodge Assinie | Photo:

Sail through the mangroves and National Park of Ehotile Island. Other activities you can engage in are sunbathing, hunting, submarine fishing and diving. San Pedro is a beach town with luxurious forests and village hotels. It is well known for its beaches and an ideal for relaxation

Ivorian Cuisine

Indulge in mouthwatering Ivorian local delicacies. Some popular dishes you should try during your visit are Fotou, Kedjenou, Calalou and Alocco.

Discover Sassandra

Sassandra is a 7hr drive from Abidjan and is the ideal destination of ecotourism enthusiasts. Go fishing on a pirogue on Sassandra River. You will spot hippopotamuses and manatees in the mangrove. Take a walk on the Weygand Bridge and explore the markets. Visit the village famous for making Cassava Rhizome which is known as Attieke.


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