DUBAI holidaymakers will be able to have a much cheaper holiday this year as the UAE announces free visas for tourists under 18 years of age during the summer.

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Dubai has been making a number of changes to entice visitors to the UAE.

Last month, the country announced free transit visas for tourists for 48 hours, meaning people travelling through the airport for a connecting flight could explore the city.

An even longer 96-hour visa can be purchased for just £10 for a longer stopover between destinations.

The latest announcement has come just in time for the summer holidays as the UAE Cabinet announces free tourist visas for travellers under the age of 18.

This means children will be exempt from needing a visa when travelling with their family.

Currently, British tourists need to purchase a tourist visa union arrival at the airport which lasts for 30 days.

British citizens can currently get a visa for free with their airport stamped on arrival.

However, anyone wanting to stay longer than this or have a passport from any other country in Europe such as Spain or France will need to pay on arrival.

The new rules will come into place between 15 July and 15 September, the peak summer season for many countries.

It will make it much cheaper for families going away this summer.

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