Experience Fine Dining From The Sea You Can See

For diners, the experience of enjoying a meal in a restaurant metres below the surface while watching the previously unseen activity on the sea bed is one to reckon with.

With no scuba gear required, underwater restaurants have fast become a thing as some have sprung up in different places around the world. If you’re inspired by this concept of eating while staring at a big shark, here are a few you should try out during your Gulliver travels:


Under, which also means “wonder” in Norwegian, is located in Lindesnes near Norway’s southernmost point and now known to be the world’s largest underwater restaurant.

The restaurant, which looks like a large concrete tube partly submerged in the North Sea, is laid out to have minimal reflections in the glass wall which fills the room with natural light during the day, filtered by the greenish colour of the water.

It offers a full 18-course meal, based on local ingredients and seafood.


Located in Conrad Rangali Island, Maldives, Ithaa stands out from the others due to its 180-degree views of the water above diners as they offer a six-course set dinner menu.

It was named “The Most Beautiful Restaurant in the World” in 2014 by the New York Daily News, so even if the food doesn’t meet your standards, it is still well worth the visit.


Six metres below the surface of the Indian Ocean lays Subsix — an elegant restaurant 500 metres offshore from the Per Aquum Niyama Resort in the Maldives.

Accessible only by a speedboat transfer, guests exploring the Maldives get to enjoy a variety of subaquatic meals. The surrounding reef is home to more than 90 species of coral and guests can hope to see hawksbill turtles, parrotfish, moray eels, groupers and butterflyfish among others.

Source: https://guardian.ng/life/experience-fine-dining-from-the-sea-you-can-see/

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