Five Exciting Things To See And Experience In Ghana

From surfing and exploring the country’s art scene to seeing some of the country’s historical sites, Ghana offers enough experiences to engage and entertain everyone. A visit to Ghana would not be complete without seeing or doing at least some of the following attractions and activities.

1. Explore Jamestown
This seaside community of fishermen has become something of a cultural hub in the last few years with the advent of the Chale Wote Street Art Festival, the Accra Dot Alt, and the plentiful street art intermingling with old-colonial buildings that make it a unique and vibrant neighbourhood.

2. Visit Cape Coast Castle
An important part of Ghana’s history, this intimidating structure located in the Western Region was originally built by Swedes for the timber and gold trades but ended up becoming a slave fort for the Transatlantic trade. It presently houses preserved dungeons and holding rooms where slaves were detained before departure.

3. See Kakum National Park
This tropical rainforest reserve located in the Central Region covers 375 square kilometers (around 144.8 square miles) of lush flora and fauna. The park is distinguished by a long canopy walk way which happens to be one of only two canopy walks of the sort in all of Africa.

4. Explore Local Markets
The local Ghanaian markets are adorned with the bright and vibrant colours of the various fabrics available across the country that can be made to embody your personal style all while capturing the African spirit. All you’ll need is a good tailor.

5. Wli Waterfalls and Mount Afadjato
Located in the Hohoe District, access Wli Waterfalls through a tropical forest for the lower falls and hike up the mountain for access the upper ones. The area’s landscape is stunning and serene.


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