How To Make Flying With A Toddler Worthwhile

Travelling with a toddler ( 12months to 36months old) on a plane is often the trickiest stage, definitely harder than traveling with an infant in some cases.

It might be a lot easier travelling with a baby compared to the aforementioned case because they are usually less mobile, smaller and can usually fit in an airline bassinet. Once they start to crawl and toddle – travel gets a little bit more complicated.But, if you have plans of enjoying every bit of your flight, these simple tips should help:

Check-in early, board last

Ensure you pick a suitable flight time; one that suits your little one’s routine. Take into consideration whether or not your little one is a night owl or early riser.

Secondly, if flying long haul with a toddler or with young children and it’s a day flight, consider boarding last with your tot and have your partner board a bit earlier with all the travel gear you have. There is really no point in keeping a toddler restrained on a plane longer than necessary.

Bring something comfy.

What to bring when flying with a toddler, will vary from person to person in relation to an ideal comfort item. Having a toddler sleep on the plane is always a bonus. Bring a pillow or a Travel Snug for your toddler. Use the aeroplane blanket to make a cover over the seats to shield from the cabin lights too.

Pack ALL the snacks!

Don’t underestimate how much toddlers will snack on the flight. Bring what he or she likes and double it. Avoid sugary sweets as all that pent-up energy will have nowhere to go. Request a child meal. If your toddler is over 2, then you can order a child meal on most airlines (long haul flights).


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