More People Are Opting for Green Travel Alternatives, Study Shows

A poll conducted by Opinium Research for High Speed 1 has shown that a large share of persons would travel to Europe by train if there were more available routes.

According to the data provided by Opinium Research, 81 per cent of the participants, which were nationals of the United Kingdom, would prefer to travel by train to Europe for work, reports.

“It is encouraging to see that people who are travelling for business are now thinking about their carbon footprint and looking for more environmentally friendly options whenever they can,” the CEO of High Speed 1, Dyan Crowther, said.

The figures are even higher when it comes to leisure travel. The study reveals that 86 per cent of persons who plan on taking a trip to Europe would choose to travel by train, provided that they are able to get direct services to their destination.

The Global Railways Review reveals that travellers from the UK can currently get direct services to several European destinations, such as Amsterdam, Paris, and Brussels. However, the study has proved that there is strong demand for other international rail routes.

“These results are further proof that people travelling abroad from the UK are increasingly looking for more environmentally friendly options. HS1 is the Green Gateway to Europe, and as we look to recover and grow post-Covid-19, we’ll be working tirelessly to deliver more routes on our line into Europe,” Crowther added.

Apart from the above-mentioned, the study has shown that 77 per cent of the participants would travel more regularly by train to Europe if there was more competition.

The abolishment of the majority of the COVID-19 restrictions has affected the increase in the demand for international travel. In order to reduce dioxide carbon emissions caused by air travel, the EU countries are encouraging all travellers to choose the train over plane travel.

Earlier in April, two high-speed train companies – Eurostar and Thalys – came together to establish a train that will connect five countries. The train will start from the United Kingdom and will reach France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany.

The decision of the two companies was approved by the EU Commission. This project, which is known as Project Greed Speed, aims to increase the number of passengers to 30 million by 2030. In addition, the same project aims to maximize the use of renewable energy.

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