A passenger on an American Airlines flight was tasered and arrested on Sunday after allegedly groping a female passenger and fighting with another passenger as airline crew attempted to get him to exit the plane, according to Miami-Dade police officials.

American Airlines Flight 2446 was scheduled to depart from Miami to Chicago O’Hare on Sunday night when airline staff were informed of a passenger allegedly touching another female passenger inappropriately, NBC News reported. When an American Airlines manager asked the passenger, 28-year old Jacob Garcia, to change his seat, he refused and began screaming at the woman and her boyfriend, according to the police.

Airline crew then began instructing other passengers to get off the plane, at which point Garcia got into another fight with the passenger. Crew members called police to escort Garcia off of the aircraft.


When officers asked Garcia to leave his seat, he refused, trying to break free as they handcuffed him and wedging his legs into the seat, according to the police.

Video footage taken by a witness on the aircraft shows the incident taking place as Garcia can be heard asking multiple times why he’s being arrested.

After numerous requests from officers, Garcia eventually stood up and walked out of the aircraft. As police were escorting him out of the airport terminal, he collapsed to the floor and attempted to reach for and grab an officer’s gun.

Garcia was arrested and transported to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center where he was charged with battery, disorderly conduct, criminal mischief, and depriving an officer of his firearm.

According to American Airlines officials, the flight was delayed by about an hour. The airline is working with the Miami-Dade Police Department to address the incident.









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