Three Destinations, A Lifetime Of Adventure

The holiday season is just around the corner and we can’t wait to explore the world around and beyond us. For this special issue, we have compiled three-holiday destinations with peculiar interests. 

Greece For The Beaches 

Greece is famous for a lot of things – the birthplace of Democracy, the land of ancient gods that have achieved celebrity status, a culture that once dominated and still influences the modern world and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. 

Navagio Bay, Zakynthos 

Navagio Bay also known as the Shipwreck Bay is the most famous and most photographed beach in Greece. The beach got its name after a ship carrying illegal cigarettes wrecked there in 1983. The rusted ship can be seen today ashore. Visited only by boat, Navagio has wonderful crystal water and soft white sand. Before reaching Navagio, the tour boat makes a stop in the famous Blue Caves, with equally amazing water.

Navagio Bay, Zakynthos -Adventurous Travels

Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos 

Life is a beach and you should live it to the fullest. If you like a beach party then Super Paradise Beach is the perfect vacation/holiday spot for you. You can lounge under sunbeds and umbrellas or wade around in the crystal clear water. The beach is one of the most famous beaches in Greece, which means it can get crowded during peak season. 

Ibadan for the Amala 

Ibadan holds the title of the largest city in Nigeria by landmass and the third most populous city in the country. Ibadan is a city renown for its rich culture, festivals, bustling commerce but is probably most famous for being the Amala capital of the world. 

For the uninitiated, Amala is made out of yam and/or cassava flour. Yams are peeled, sliced, cleaned, dried and then blended into a flour, also called “elubo”. Yams are white in colour but turn brown when dried. This gives àmàlà its colour. What is life without a steaming plate of hot amala? If you haven’t tried the famous Ibadan amala, then you haven’t fully experience Ibadan! 

Amala – Molabat Kitchen

Warri For The Boli and Grilled Fish 

Warri, a city in Delta State, is an oil hub in the south-south region of Nigeria. It served as the colonial capital of the then Warri Province. The city is one of the cosmopolitan cities in southern Nigeria. 

Boli and fish. Photo Charlotte Tolu for Bolivillage

Warri is most renowned for its unique Pidgin English. One thing you’re likely to enjoy the most in Warri is a special delicacy known as Boli and grilled fish. Boli is riped plantain or not so riped plantain grilled over a mild flame. Tagged the king of street food, Boli and fish would delight your taste bud and belly. 


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