A convenient flight to Las Vegas is all it takes to reach Utah. The rest is as easy as a piece of cake. Bonus points if you are a total outdoorsy person! Well, Utah is one of those places straight out of a book, filled with exotic sights and rugged terrains. Whatever you ask for, conventional or unconventional, Utah is home to all of it. From beautiful tours of the National Parks to scenic rock formations, from adventurous horse rides into the canyons to captivating hikes and trails, if you are a person who loves to discover a new and foreign territory, Utah is definitely the place to visit.

Talking about the necessities you need to plan for in priority if you are already planning to pack bags and book flights to this wondrous place, we might inform you that your best pick to accommodate yourself and your family would be to rent one of the vacation homes in Utah. They are easily found over the internet and is very convenient to put up in if a comfortable, long stay is what you have in your mind. There are also many A-list hotels and resorts, as well as luxurious villas that are up for grabs. Just make sure you make your booking in prior if you are looking to visit in the holiday season because Utah is one of the most tourist friendly places in the world.

Let’s discover the top five things that you must do while you are in Utah.

1. Visit the Zion National Park
If you are an out and out nature lover, then the Zion National Park is the place that will by default feature in the top of the list of the places you should visit in Utah. A convenient one-and-a-half-hour drive from the Las Vegas airport, Zion National Park is just right there on the Grand Circle of the breathtakingly beautiful red rock scenario. You can educate yourself about the natural surroundings of the park at the visitor centres or opt for any bus shuttles that run on a loop of about 90 minutes if you are not that into informative sessions.

The park also features some of the most tourist-friendly hiking trails and you can also indulge in adventurous sports like biking or horse riding. The most positive point about this locale is the fact that you can find accommodation in and around the park quite easily. Also, the fact that the park is open till late and you can enjoy the awe-inspiring scenery in the moonlight, is what makes it completely irresistible.

2. Visit Bryce Canyon National Park
Extremely renowned for its red rock “hoodoos” the Bryce Canyon National Park, much like its predecessor the Zion National Park falls under the Grand Circle of the red rock scenery. It is ideal for a complete day trip as you can devote half of the day for a hike and make time for a drive through for the other half.

Do make it a point to not miss the vista points of the Bryce Canyon National Park though, as they are arguably some of the most scenic views you are going to get of the Utah landscape in its rugged, natural glory. Bonus points if you can incorporate the sunset and the star-studded night sky into your itinerary for the day. It is also one of the most suitable places to visit with families as they have special programs and tours around the park tailored for the kids.  All in all, you should definitely include this in your bucket list of Utah travel diaries.

3. Visit the Nine Mile Canyon
Located in the Carbon County, the Nine Mile Canyon is home to the so-called “world’s longest art gallery”. Studded with ancient petroglyphs as well as pictographs, this amazing place is forty miles stretch full of numerous thousand-year-old treasures. It includes the exquisite pictures from the “Fermont Era” to recent times. The place is a cultural treasure trove to explore which diligently exhibits the culture of the locality. It has even got imagery transcriptions of the explorers who have come wondering about and the intricacies of the native American culture. If you are a person inherently inclined towards discovering the rich history and culture seeped into the soil of the places you visit, this is a place you should never miss out on.

4. Visit Fantasy Canyon in Vernal
Out of the world rock formations that are essentially structured in an appealing way due to erosion and porous stones, the Fantasy Canyon is a true imagery of nature’s love for abstract art. Fantasy Canyon is home to undulating ridges and loops that makes the locale a truly exotic one to visit while you are in Utah. However, the completely mystic rock formations are what takes the cake here as it is basically nature at its very natural best.

5. Pay a Visit to the 80000-Year-Old Giant
Known commonly as the trembling giant, the eighty-thousand-year-old Pando is a visually enormous grove of quaking aspens. The most surprising part is that this huge formation is actually a singular living organism as all the trees share one, single root system. Spanning across a sprawling space of 107 acres, you can never skip this awe-inspiring landscape when you are in Utah.

This is not all. There is a list of other conventional as well as unconventional spaces you can visit in Utah and don’t miss the famous star gazing near the Bryce as it is an entirely consuming experience in itself. In fact, the whole of Utah is an entirely consuming experience in itself and you should not miss it for the world.

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