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One of the most underrated places for adventure trips or travel in Nigeria in northern Nigeria. Almost every state in the north is blessed with a beautiful hill and at least a waterfall. Most people fear the north for its security issues, but there are places you can explore safely in the North. Just have someone on the ground before you visit.


Birnin Kudu Rocks Paintings

Similar to the carvings in Egyptian tombs, the rock paintings in Birnin Kudu are beautiful; and called dutse in Hausa. Various arts are carved on these rocks depicting images of animals such as cattle and sheep, and geometric signs. The depictions are also believed to be associated with shamanic practices. They used some of these rock art sites for ritual and ancestral purposes in the past.
Other places you can also visit in Jigawa are Baturiya Birds Sanctuary Wildlife, Wowan Rafi Lake Natural.

Riyom Rocks

#NaijaGEMS Riyom Rock. It is still a wonder to imagine that these rocks are bonded together for thousands of years without falling. Sometimes it seems as if a strong wind could pull it down. It is known locally as ‘Beta Betat’, which means ‘three stones’. This rock formation has attracted tourists from countless locations around the globe, and has been a source of revenue for the local community. Mr. Peter Davou, an elder of Riyom (a Berom community) shared the story and great blessing of this rock. He explained that they grew up knowing that the rock was created by God, and has remained the symbol of their pride and the face of Plateau State. No wonder the tip is pointed towards heaven. During the rainy season of every year, winged termites ‘Tsung’ come out from the rock. As a long standing tradition, every young boy from the age of seven will go to the rock, use a basket to waive and trap the insects. He fries them and presents it to his maternal home. They eat it, give him a chicken in return, and pronounce blessings upon him.

Just like a skilled laundry man, over a thousand years ago, nature arranged these rocks neatly in an enchanting scene with mighty boulders arranged on top of one another beautifully. No doubt that Riyom is one of the most wonderful scenes in Nigeria and you go into the wonders of the world. Located along the road as you travel along the Jos-Abuja road, Riyom rock in Riyom Town is just 25 kilometres to the southwest of Jos and 75km from Abuja, the capital city.
Other places you can visit in Jos are Shere Hills, Assop waterfalls, Jos Wildlife Park.

Dumi Hills

Dumi is a village from the Southeast of Bauchi City in Bauchi Local Government Area. It is an outskirt settlement from the city centre; Dumi is a beautiful settlement with many hills and a lake. Due to the presence of many hills, the adventurer or tourist decides which of the hills to hike at a time. On average each hill takes 50 minutes hiking up to the top and view the magnificent sunset. You can also view some parts of Bauchi City from the top. The elevation of the hills is uncertain.
Other places you can also visit in Bauchi are Geji Rock, Mbula Hills, Marshal Caves, Yankari Natural Park, Wikki Warm Spring, Lame/Bura Game Wildlife and Tafawa Balewa Tomb Monument

Usman Dam

Picture yourself canoeing in a river as the sun sets in? One of Abuja’s best-kept secret carefully tucked along the Bwari area, in FCT Abuja is the manmade (the fifth largest dam in the world) dam surrounded by a scenic landscape. It is a must visit if you truly want to do an Abuja adventure.
Other places in Abuja to visit are Bwari Pottery, Art Village, City gate hills.

Fifth Chucker

Fifth Chukker (PHOTO – P.C. fifthchukker.com)

Need a memorable luxury trip up north? Destination Fifth Chucker will wow you. Located along Kaduna-Abuja road, Fifth Chukker is a very secure and green environment to experience Northern Nigeria. Things you can explore include the polo club, pony hut accommodations, quad biking, trekking and biking along the wonderful forest trails-it a memorable adventure packed all in one place.
Other places to visit in Kaduna are Kajuru Castle, Kagaro Hills and Kufena Hils

Mambilla Plateau

Located in the highland region of Taraba State, Mambilla Plateau is the highest plateau in Nigeria, standing at a height of about 1524 meters above sea level. It is widely considered as the coldest place in Nigeria. It also houses the Chappal Waddi Mountain, which stands at a height of 2,419 meters and is believed to be the highest point in Nigeria. Interestingly, the plateau has a very fertile land; where you can find banana, cassava, potatoes (sweet and Irish), pineapple, plantain.
There’s also an abundance of grassy hills, cattle ranches, and tea plantations at Mambilla Plateau. The popular and one of the biggest dam projects in Africa – Mambilla Power Station – can also be found there.


Kofa is the word for “gate” in Hausa. Some of these city gates date back to as far as the 14th century. These gates depict some of the best ancient indigenous architectural designs in Africa. Other places in Kano you can visit are Bagauda Lake/Tiga Lake Resort, Dala Hills and Kofar Matar Tie and Dye.

Source: https://guardian.ng/life/up-north-adventures-in-nigeria/

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